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Wed 15 September 2021 2 minutes

DriverKit, /Applications, and Quarantine

Your app is in /Applications, but DriverKit says it's not? It might be quarantined.

Thu 24 June 2021 2 minutes

Debugging Broken Signed/Notarized Apps on macOS

Sealed resource is missing or broken? Find out why.

Thu 10 June 2021 8 minutes

Cacao: Building macOS (and iOS) Apps in Rust

You can pry Objective-C out of my cold, dead hands.

Wed 01 January 2020 4 minutes

Wobbling in Rust

Writing slightly dangerous code in Rust that (literally, mostly) will not die.

Mon 03 December 2018 6 minutes

Swipeable NSCollectionView

A look at how swipe-to-reveal can be implemented in NSCollectionView.

Fri 29 June 2018 3 minutes

Rust, or: What's the Deal with GUIs?

Exploring what a GUI API could look like in Rust.

Tue 22 March 2016 7 minutes

A Deep Dive into PL/v8

A look at how to use JavaScript in PostgreSQL via PL/v8.

Thu 04 June 2015 2 minutes

RedNoise, a Django-centric WhiteNoise addon

An open-source project that extends Whitenoise.

Wed 08 January 2014 7 minutes

Recording Live Audio Streams on iOS

A guide to using MTAudioProcessingTap to record tricky audio.

Wed 10 April 2013 9 minutes

We are the New Blue Collar

Archived commentary on the rise of the learn-to-code movement.

Mon 15 August 2011 4 minutes

Using Javascript to control the Nintendo Wii

A guide to writing JavaScript for the Opera browser on the Nintendo Wii.

Tue 31 May 2011 7 minutes

Using the myGengo Translation API with Python

A tutorial on using the myGengo (Gengo) API for human-powered translation.

Sat 07 May 2011 6 minutes

More Power to ExpressionEngine URLs

A breakdown of extending ExpressionEngine 2 for some crazy URL structures.

Sat 16 April 2011 6 minutes

Emitting Custom Events in Node.js

A short guide to using EventEmitter in Node.js

Sun 06 March 2011 5 minutes

Hacking the Human Brain

Experiments with language learning, memorization, and Android.

Tue 02 November 2010 2 minutes

Emulating Ruby's "method_missing" in Python

An amusing hack using getter overriding.

Thu 14 October 2010 4 minutes

How to properly ask a girl to Homecoming

A small game to pop a question.

Sun 18 July 2010 3 minutes

On Date/Time/DateTime in Ruby, and why they suck

Porting relative datetime utils out of Rails.

Tue 13 July 2010 2 minutes

Rendering emails with Django templates

Using the Django template engine to render HTML emails.

Thu 17 June 2010 4 minutes

You got your Base64 in my CSS!

Tricking IE6 and IE7 into rendering base64-encoded images.

Wed 09 June 2010 1 minute

Quit incorrectly passing functions in Javascript

Demonstrating how to pass function references in JavaScript to avoid closure-inception.

Thu 13 May 2010 0 minute

jQuery Introduction, Refresh Fred May 2010

A presentation on jQuery given for Refresh Fred in 2010.

Mon 25 January 2010 2 minutes

Interviewing for front-end development

A sample test for interviewing frontend developers.

Fri 19 December 2008 5 minutes

Open source programming languages for kids

Archived review that looks at programming environments for children. Originally posted at Linux.com.

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