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Products and projects that don't fit elsewhere.

Some of the brands, products, and organizations I've worked with


2019 - Current • Global


Founded a product design and development studio that aims to build technology with a focus on privacy and high quality user experiences.

2005 - 2019 • Global

Consulting & Freelance

In addition to the notable roles below, I've consulted and done freelance work for most of my career. Clients and projects include Technicolor Inc., Canvas, FastMail, Plaid, the University of Maryland, Instacart, the regions of Tsuruoka and Yamagata in Japan, Vice Japan, and more. If it's not covered in detail here, the work is likely under an NDA.

2017-2018 • Seattle, Washington, USA


Built, released, and sold a combination macOS/iOS application for surfacing news, signals, and trends in cryptocurrency markets. Exited.

2015-2017 • Tokyo, Japan & Seattle, Washington, USA


Built initial version of a platform for underground music artists in Japan, creating a central source where news and events could be listed for the community.

2016-2017 • Washington, DC, USA

Atlas Lane

Helped build out the initial team for a new technology-focused take on the Property Management industry. Prototyped initial mobile application and dashboard experiences, and built the initial back-office billing system.

2012-2016 • Tokyo, Japan & Taipei, Taiwan & Busan, Seoul, South Korea

Colavi (formerly Snapcast)

Co-Founded a startup (with Toshi Maeda of Pacific Bridge Media & Consulting) aimed at providing tools for citizen journalism on mobile devices. Raised a small amount, built out the initial product (both heavy audio/video processing on-device, and various server-related components). Pivoted slightly to a second market towards the end of the product that included sectors such as the Japanese real estate market. Had the chance to work with Apple in Japan as part of their developer program, and was privileged to meet and work with some amazing journalists.

2011-2012 • Tokyo, Japan & San Francisco, USA

Gengo (formerly myGengo)

Helped transition an in-flux tech stack, worked on projects with the New York Times, and traveled to conferences and meetups to evangelize Gengo use-cases. Rewrote significant portions of the API to be modernized. Exited.

2010 • San Francisco, USA


Helped build out the initial V1; internal tooling, frontend work, and assorted other things that make up a V1.

2007 - 2010 • Washington, DC, USA

Webs (formerly Freewebs)

Started as a Production Assistant working on advertising efforts for clients like Ford, Honda and Paramount. Over four years, worked my way up to Production Supervisor, managing a team of designers and developers to implement complex projects such as an in-browser WYSIWYG website builder (in a pre-React era, no less!). Exited.


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