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I've lived and worked across a number of countries at this point in my life, and figured it's a good idea to just make sure this kind of stuff is out there. If you have questions, I encourage you to email me: ryan at rymc dot io

Privacy Policy

I don't allow comments or uploads of any kind, and your information isn't tracked in any way beyond standard server logs (IP address at best, which is cleared often). I do use Plausible Analytics for gaining some insight into where traffic is coming from, however their focus is on privacy and I find it gels well with my aims here. Nothing should be being record to identify any users - however, I am not a lawyer and you should confirm for yourself if you find yourself concerned over this.


Some parts of the world care about this, so here it is: no cookies are recorded on this page by me. I have no need for cookies for any functionality on this site that's been built by me, so you're good to go there.

Unless otherwise noted, all the content on here is copyright me, Ryan McGrath. I post my personal work and writings here, so this is hopefully straightforward. If you find that I've violated your copyright or trademark in any way, I encourage you to email me using the address at the top of this page, whereupon I'll do my best to resolve the matter quickly.

Information Disclaimer

This site contains writings created over the course of ten years, and as such may have differing viewpoints or tones attached. Just because something was written by me a decade ago does not mean I endorse or cosign the view or attitude espoused back then; I keep all my old works around as a way to push myself forward.

Any opinion put forth by me on this site is my own sole opinion, and does not reflect the viewpoints or accuracy of any client of mine (past, present, or future). There are no ads on this site, but in the event you ever see one for whatever reason, it's not endorsed by me or any client (past, present, or future) unless otherwise noted.

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