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The Corgi is my
rubber duck debugger.

Wed 10 July 2024 4 minutes

UUIDv7 TypeIDs in Diesel

Integrating UUIDv7-based TypeIDs as a custom Diesel type.

Tue 09 July 2024 4 minutes

ORM-ish Diesel Helpers

Diesel isn't exactly an ORM, but a few helpers get us kind of there. Ish.

Fri 10 May 2024 2 minutes

Pagination in Async Diesel

A short-ish snippet that might help you avoid a headache.

Mon 15 January 2024 7 minutes

Plant-Based Berlin Recommendations

A small guide to plant-based eating in Berlin.

Wed 15 September 2021 2 minutes

DriverKit, /Applications, and Quarantine

Your app is in /Applications, but DriverKit says it's not? It might be quarantined.

Thu 24 June 2021 2 minutes

Debugging Broken Signed/Notarized Apps on macOS

Sealed resource is missing or broken? Find out why.

Thu 10 June 2021 8 minutes

Cacao: Building macOS (and iOS) Apps in Rust

You can pry Objective-C out of my cold, dead hands.

Fri 20 November 2020 9 minutes

What Melee Gave Me

A game that means more to me than I could possibly convey.

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