Thu 03 January 2019


About the Author

Ryan McGrath is a writer, developer, entrepreneur, and somewhat-designer who floats around the world with his girlfriend and two dogs. Hailing from Washington DC, but not necessarily considering anywhere truly home yet, he writes about and builds technology that people hopefully find useful in an increasingly crazy world. He can be reached via email, Twitter, or phone... if you happen to have the number.

Fonts in Use

The main body font of the site is Helvetica or Arial, depending on what operating system you're browsing on. Headers use Aleo, a wonderful slab font created by Alessio Laiso back in 2013. If your browser doesn't support custom fonts, it should fall back to a standard serif font - typically Georgia, but this may vary depending on your operating system. The futuristic RYMC in the top of the banner is using a trimmed down Halfomania, from Azer Nesib.

Technologies in Use

This site uses primarily HTML, CSS, and SVG's for 99% of the design, only using images where necessary (articles, etc). It loads as much as possible in one request, getting the browser to paint as fast as possible. This isn't a technique that should be used on every site, but it works well here as the primary audience is technical in nature and seems to enjoy quick load times. Most pages weigh less than a standard JPEG you'd find on other sites.

This site is fronted by CloudFlare, and hosted off a VPS from SSDNodes.

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