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Thu 07 March 2019 3 minutes

Vim, ALE, Docker, and Per-Project Linting

How to make ALE use python/flake8 in Docker without running Vim over SSH.

Wed 02 January 2019 1 minute

Using a Custom JSONEncoder for Pandas and Numpy

Serialization that plays nicely together.

Tue 18 December 2018 3 minutes

Forcing PNG for Twitter Profile Photos

How to ensure your images are crisp and clear on Twitter.

Thu 04 June 2015 2 minutes

RedNoise, a Django-centric WhiteNoise addon

An open-source project that extends Whitenoise.

Tue 31 May 2011 7 minutes

Using the myGengo Translation API with Python

A tutorial on using the myGengo (Gengo) API for human-powered translation.

Tue 02 November 2010 2 minutes

Emulating Ruby's "method_missing" in Python

An amusing hack using getter overriding.

Tue 13 July 2010 2 minutes

Rendering emails with Django templates

Using the Django template engine to render HTML emails.

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