Tue 18 December 2018

Forcing PNG for Twitter Profile Photos

Edit as of January 8th, 2019:

Twitter announced that they were modifying their last changes, ensuring that some images remain as PNGs! You can read the full announcement here, which details when an image will remain a PNG. Thanks to this, you may not need the trick below - I'll keep it up in case anyone finds it interesting, though.

Edit as of December 26th, 2018:

Twitter announced recently that come February 11th, 2019, they'll be enforcing stricter conversion logic surrounding uploaded images. Until then, the below still works; a theoretical (and pretty good sounding) approach for post-Feb-11th is outlined here.

A rather short entry, but one that I felt was necessary - a lot of the information floating in search engines on this is just plain wrong in 2018, and I spent longer than I wanted to figuring this out. It helped me to get my twitter avatar a bit nicer looking, though.

Help, Twitter compressed the hell out of my image!

Yeah, that happens. If you upload an image for your profile or banner image, Twitter automatically kicks off background jobs to take that image and produce lightweight JP(E)G variants. These tend to look... very bad. There's a trick you can use for posting photos in tweets where, if you make an image have one pixel that's ~90% transparent, Twitter won't force it off of PNG. It doesn't appear to work on profile photos at first glance, though.

Getting around the problem

Before I explain how to fix this, there's a few things to note:

  • Your profile photo should be 400 by 400 pixels. Any larger will trigger resizing. Any smaller, you're just doing yourself a disservice.
  • Your profile photo should be less than 700kb, as noted in the API documentation. Anything over will trigger resizing.
  • Your profile photo should be a truecolor PNG (24bit), with transparency included. Theoretically you can also leave it interlaced but this didn't impact anything in my testing.

Now, the thing that I found is that the 1 pixel transparency trick doesn't work on profile photos, but if you crop it to be a circle with the transparency behind it, this seems to be enough. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd wager that Twitter ignores transparent pixels unless it deems they seriously matter... as in, there's a threshold you have to hit, or something.

Something like this:

Example cropped avatar

Uploading Properly

For some reason, uploading your profile photo on the main site incurs notably more distorted images than if you do it via an API call. I cannot fathom why this is, but it held true for me. If you're not the programming type, old school apps like Tweetbot still use the API call, so changing the photo via Tweetbot should theoretically do it.

If you're the programming type, here's a handy little script to do this for you:

# pip install twython to get this library
from twython import Twython

# Create a new App at https://dev.twitter.com/, check off "sign in via Twitter", and get your tokens there
twitter = Twython('Consumer API Key', 'Consumer API Secret', 'Access Token', 'Access Token Secret')

# Read and upload the image, see image guidelines in post above~
image = open('path/to/image.png', 'rb')

Keep in mind that Twitter will still make various sizes out of what you upload, so even this trick doesn't save you from their system - just helps make certain images a tiny bit more crisp. Hope it helps!

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