Thu 01 August 2019

Automatic Old Reddit Redirect Safari Extension

Miss the old Reddit browsing experience? You're not alone. While I've no doubt that they'll eventually produce something really smooth and cool (they're too good of an engineering team not to), in the meantime I've found myself preferring to use the old Reddit design. It's sleeker, faster to load, and easier to skim large amounts of posts with.

You can set your preference in your profile to use the old Reddit design, but I've noticed that it doesn't automatically push you to it - you'll still wind up waiting for a behemoth of a UI to load if you click a random Reddit link while not on already. Chrome and Firefox have convenient extensions to force-rewrite the URL, but Safari is lacking... maybe due to the APIs being different, or maybe due to the up-front cost for the developer program.

At any rate, I wanted that extension in Safari, so I ported it over. I call it "Oldr for Reddit", and you can download it here. Once it's installed, check your Safari preferences -> Extensions list and enable it, and it should "just work" from there.

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