About Me

My background, my work, and more.


I'm Ryan McGrath, a full-stack engineer who likes to think he's not incapable when it comes to design. I'm self-taught, and so far have worked all over the world, from Berlin, to Tokyo, to the Bay Area, and more. I've consulted with companies of all sizes, be they startup or conglomerate, and I'm always interested in new opportunities. These days I can be found in Tokyo, and prior to that I hacked on startups in Tokyo and DC (I originally hail from Washington DC - one of these days we might have a winning sports team).

In addition to all of the above, I really enjoy teaching and mentoring in programming and technology. I use this space to write about whatever I feel like, and to archive my past writing work. I've written for and edited tech magazines in the past, and I'm always game to spin a new piece out. Depending on how busy I am with other projects, there might be a delay in some of my writing pieces showing up here, but trust me - I'm not dead.

My History

Before I was hacking on the current gig, I worked with a slew of great companies and startups. I cut my chops over at Webs.com, where I worked for four years on the UI Engineering team, eventually managing it. After I left there I did a brief stint at AngelList, before I left to travel the world a bit more. I worked with Gengo in Tokyo shortly afterwards, as both an engineer and a technical evangelist.

After that, I did a lot of consulting and iOS development before moving to try my own startup. I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with some really amazingly talented individuals and companies (Technicolor, DrawQuest, Vice, FastMail, Plaid, 10x Management & Consulting, Atlas Lane, and more) over the course of my career, and I can only hope that trend continues. To learn more, check out my resume, or email me for more information. If LinkedIn is your thing, you can connect with me here.

Below is a professional bio, as I keep getting asked for one. The flow is awkward, I know.

Professional Bio

Ryan McGrath is an engineer with experience in web and mobile development. He's currently hacking on his own startup, and has worked and consulted with companies all over the world (Webs.com, Gengo, Technicolor). He enjoys teaching, running, and well-crafted action sequences.

[Keep Alive Packet]

I've kept a personal website for over a decade now, although the domain has changed once or twice. As more and more of the web trends towards social networks, I've found I enjoy having one space that's just totally mine. If you ever happened upon a site named "Veno Designs" (which is a weird name itself), that's where all this content used to live. This entire paragraph may or may not be in here for the sole purpose of ensuring that Google picks this up for the "Veno Designs" search term.

About This Site

This site is a mostly static endeavor, using a customized variant of the Pelican Static Site Generator. It's been modified to pull in my work from GitHub and Dribbble, and automatically republishes this site periodically throughout the day to reflect any changes that happen on those profiles. I run most of my personal stuff on WebFaction, which is apparently surprising to some people - the offering is great, it's more fire-and-forget than a VPS, and the only time I've ever had something crash is when the data center caught fire. A VPS or AWS setup helps for larger projects, sure, but for the smaller MVP stuff you can't beat them.

I use SVG icons throughout here, sourced from FlatIcon. The design is original, and a bit simpler than my past ones - I opted to experiment with flat colors and typography choices instead of intense graphics. If you're a font geek, check out the Colophone to learn more. The site should be mobile optimized, but depending on your device it may differ slightly. Go figure.

Looking for a Consultation?

I periodically advise and consult with startups that I find interesting. If you've got a question, problem, or just want some advice, feel free to email me and I'd be happy to take a look.

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